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We are always looking for partners to grow our incubations together.

Reseller Program

Shafyre invites resellers of software products and services to join our reseller program. We offer success-based attractive terms for reseller partners who can help grow our nascent incubations. If you are interested in becoming a reseller please contact us using the form below.

White Label our products

Many of our products are available for White Labelling. If you are someone with market access our white-labelled products could be your best partners to grow our businesses. We are flexible in exploring options to suit your need.

Invest in a startup

We grow our businesses organically ensuring we have control over building a robust businesses. We are open to investments to help us grow the incubations to full blown stand-alone business. Getting in early on a project gives you significant upside potential.


We love our products. A day comes when every product should spread its wings and grow beyond the confines of an early stage incubator. But we know our strength is in briging an idea into a robust startup business. When we have taken it to where we can, we need someone with the expertise and capacity to grow the startup to its full potential. If you see an opportunity with any of our products to build your business let us chat.

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